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MAX Pro Spinnerbaits
Top quality components, Quick-Change blade system,
proven color patterns, long & strong Gamakatsu hooks.
The Verbinator Donkey
OUR BEST SELLING SOFT BAIT. Once you tie one on, you'll know why...the Verbinator Donkey flat out catches fish.
MAX Pro Football Jigs
MAX Series Football Jigs bite back. GAMAKATSU round bend hook. Custom Silachrome skirts. Rattles? Your Choice!
MAX Series Buzzbaits
Nothing ia as exciting as topwater fishing. Land those short striking fish with MAX Series extended hook Buzzbaits.
MAX Pro Ball Jigs
Ohio Pro Lure round ball head jigs use the Gamakatsu EXTRA STRONG hook - NOT a light wire hook.
MAX Series Flipping Jigs
MAX Series Flipping Jigs are tournament tested and proven. Tough-as-nails finish, custom skirts and Gamakatsu hooks.
MAX Series Sure-Grip Superline EWG hooks have a keeper clip that holds soft plastics in place for a better hookset.
Verbinator Baits TUBES
Small batches, strict quality control insures you are fishing with the finest tube bait on the water.
MAX Swimbait Heads
Sticky sharp, long shank, extra strong Gamakatsu hooks for lightning fast hook penetration to maximize every bite.
Sure-Grip Worm Hooks
MAX Series Sure-Grip offset worm hooks with keeper clip for more secure rigging for grass, pads, heavy cover - ANY cover.

Ohio Pro Lure, Inc.

Ohio Pro Lure Fishing TackleYour tournament proven performance and hand-made quality bass fishing lures are here at Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator Baits.

We’re bass fishing fanatics and feature spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, football jigs, grass jigs, plus specialized jigs and hooks.

Only the finest components including Sampo swivels, jewelry-quality spinner blades, and our tough-as-nails head finishes. Gamakatsu hooks grab the lightest biters, and extra strong wire design puts fish in the boat.

Verbinator Baits

Verbinator Bass Fishing Baits - Made in USAThe attention to every detail at Verbinator puts the finest quality, garlic-saturated, affordable bass fishing baits in the hands of weekend fisherman and tournament anglers alike.

Loaded with salt and made with a durable soft plastic that comes alive at the slightest twitch, Verbinator is your limit-getting, go-to ace. It’s simple…bass love Verbinator Baits.

At Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator, you’ll find only proven bass fishing lures. If you’ve found it on this site, it’s what you’ll find in our boats and on our rods when $$$ is on the line. These baits are tied on whenever we hit the water – because we enjoy CATCHING fish!

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