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Ohio Pro Lure, Inc.

Ohio Pro Lure Fishing TackleYour tournament proven performance and hand-made quality bass fishing lures are here at Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator Baits.

We’re bass fishing fanatics and feature spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, football jigs, grass jigs, plus specialized jigs and hooks.

Only the finest components including Sampo swivels, jewelry-quality spinner blades, and our tough-as-nails head finishes. Gamakatsu hooks grab the lightest biters, and extra strong wire design puts fish in the boat.

Verbinator Baits

Verbinator Bass Fishing Baits - Made in USAThe attention to every detail at Verbinator puts the finest quality, garlic-saturated, affordable bass fishing baits in the hands of weekend fisherman and tournament anglers alike.

Loaded with salt and made with a durable soft plastic that comes alive at the slightest twitch, Verbinator is your limit-getting, go-to ace. It’s simple…bass love Verbinator Baits.

At Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator, you’ll find only proven bass fishing lures. If you’ve found it on this site, it’s what you’ll find in our boats and on our rods when $$$ is on the line. These baits are tied on whenever we hit the water – because we enjoy CATCHING fish!

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