4" Green Pumpkin Candy Flipping Tube

Ohio Pro Lure Fishing TackleYour tournament proven performance and hand-made quality bass fishing lures are here at Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator Baits.

We’re bass fishing fanatics and feature spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, football jigs, grass jigs, plus specialized jigs and hooks.

Only the finest components including Sampo swivels, jewelry-quality spinner blades, and our tough-as-nails head finishes. Gamakatsu hooks grab the lightest biters, and extra strong wire design puts fish in the boat.

Verbinator Bass Fishing Baits - Made in USAThe attention to every detail at Verbinator puts the finest quality, garlic-saturated, affordable bass fishing baits in the hands of weekend fisherman and tournament anglers alike.

Loaded with salt and made with a durable soft plastic that comes alive at the slightest twitch, Verbinator is your limit-getting, go-to ace. It’s simple…bass love Verbinator Baits.

At Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator, you’ll find only proven bass fishing lures. If you’ve found it on this site, it’s what you’ll find in our boats and on our rods when $$$ is on the line. These baits are tied on whenever we hit the water – because we enjoy CATCHING fish!

Ohio Pro Lure Signature Bass Fishing Baits

Hand-tied, Rattling, NEW Colors!

Custom Colors ~ Premium Hardware

NEW for 2019!

Gamakatsu Flipping Hook

The Ultimate in Finesse Bass Fishing

Snag-resistant flat-eye hook

Gamakatsu Extra Strong Hooks

Check your nerves at the dock

Ohio Pro Lure Hardware Department

Put some extra swing in your jig fishing

Add Your Favorite Hook

MAX Shakey Jigs

The Finesse Specialist

SURE-GRIP Gamakatsu Superline Fishing Hooks

Great For Tubes & Donkeys

The ULTIMATE Flipping Hook

THE Hook for Worm Fishing

MAX Series Tube Jigs & Pro Ballhead Jigs

Extra Strong Gamakatsu Hooks

Match up with our Verbinator Tubes

Team up with our Fan Tail Tubes

Ohio Pro Lure Performance Jig Heads

Gamakatsu Strong Hooks ~ BIG Fish

Flat Eye + Xtra Strong Hooks

Awesome Custom Colors!

Verbinator Baits

NEW at Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator! ~~~ Pro Swimmer 3.8″ & 4.8Flipping Tube Colors (Colonel Mustard & Tootsie Roll); The NEW & IMPROVED Verbinator Goby is BACK! ; Flipping Baits now featuring TRI-COLOR BLENDS ~ Check out Molten Craw.

Our BEST SELLER. Find out why…

Bass Fishing Versatility

Midwest Finesse

Awesome NEW Colors

Your NEW Shakey Head Bait

4″ Bass Flipping Tubes

Unique & Tournament Proven Colors

A Big Bass’ Full Meal Deal

Match up to Ohio Pro Lure’s Swing Jigs

Finesse + Attitude

Specialty Baits for Tough Conditions

Custom made for Lake Erie Smallies

Fish Food V3.75

Finesse. Just Add Water

ULTIMATE Lake Erie Tube

My Heavy Cover Specialist

Saturated w/Garlic & Action