Fan Tail Tube (100-pack)

$ 36.88

Fan Tail Tube (100-pack)

Verbinator Baits Fan Tail Tubes

Fan Tail Tube (100-pack)

$ 36.88

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The Verbinator Baits 4″ Fan Tail Tube – MAX 100-Pack

Melon Gold Purple Flake Tubes - Verbinator

The latest creation from Verbinator’s Mad Scientist – the 4″ fan tail tube. The tentacles on the Fan Tail Tube are cut a just a little higher up the bait, giving the bait more of a ‘blossom’ when it hits the bottom.

A little extra sashay can make all the difference. Our Lake Erie customers consider these the ultimate Lake Erie tube.

Green Pumpkin Red Black Flake TubesTie on a Verbinator and try not to get your arms torn off!

* 100-baits per Pack
* Your Choice: One or Two Colors
(50 of each color)
* 4″ length
* Soft & Durable Formulation
* Cooked in Garlic Scent

* Deep Cut Tentacles

You’ll discover your own unique way of fishing Verbinator tubes, but no matter how you rig ’em, they catch fish!

Take good care of your fish and our waters. The future of this great sport depends on all of us.

Performance Matched to these Gamakatsu MAX Series Tube Jigs


Fan Tail Tube (100-pack)

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