MAX Series Flipping Jigs

$ 4.39$ 4.59

MAX Series Flipping Jigs

Ohio Pro Lure - Bass Flipping Jigs

MAX Series Flipping Jigs

$ 4.39$ 4.59

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Ohio Pro Lure MAX Series Flipping Jigs

Ohio Pro Lure - Bass Flipping JigsMAX Series flipping jigs are designed with many seasons of on-the-water experience, and made to be the perfect all-terrain flipping jig whether you fish rocks, wood, or weeds. Arkie style head utilizes a 60° straight eye Gamakatsu Flipping hook.


  • 1/8-oz. has a 2/0 hook
  • 1/4-oz. has a 3/0 hook
  • 3/8-oz. has a 4/0 hook
  • 1/2-oz. has a 5/0 hook


  • Rattling Jigs have our own skirt collar with rattle ears and two black rattles – White-Chrome and Pumpkinseed use clear rattles.
  • Non-Rattling Jigs also feature our skirt collar with rattle ears, simply without rattles. Add rattles at any time to suit the conditions you’re fishing.

Black Blue Purple Bass Flipping JigBlack Chartreuse Bass Flipping Jig

Black Bass Flipping JigBrown Copper Bass Flipping Jig

Brown Copper Red Bass Flipping JigGreen Pumpkin Candy Bass Flipping JigGreen Pumpkin Cucumber Orange Bass Flipping JigGreen Pumpkin Bass Flipping Jig

Peanut Butter Jelly Bass Flipping JigPumpkin Craw Bass Flipping JigWatermelon Bass Flipping JigWhite Bass Flipping Jig

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MAX Series Flipping Jigs

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