New Colors & Innovative Baits from Verbinator & Ohio Pro Lure!

Verbinator Lucky Craw Trippples - Molten Craw

Verbinator Baits Stingers ~ Trippples - Molten Craw

Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator Baits ~ New Products Showcase

NEW Trippples - Custom Tri-Color Blends | Goby is BACK!

Just turned loose from the Mad Scientist’s laboratory,  these custom tri-color blends are loaded with garlic scent and can give you an advantage when water is clear and bass are spooky. Available ONLY in 10-packs. 

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND FOR 2019! If you fish Lake Erie – or anywhere for smallmouth bass – the Verbinator Goby should be tied on (at least one of) your rods. 8-baits per pack.

Dr. Morgus
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