Bass Fishing Lures


Ohio Pro Lure Teams with Verbinator Baits!Tournament proven performance and hand-made quality bass fishing lures is what you will find at Ohio Pro Lure. We’re bass fishing specialists and feature spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, football jigs, grass jigs, jigs and hooks.

At Ohio Pro Lure, you’ll find only proven bass fishing lures. If you’ve found it on this site, it’s what you’ll find in our boats and on our rods when $$$ is on the line, or ANYTIME we hit the water – because we enjoy CATCHING fish!

We utilize only the finest components including Sampo swivels, jewelry-quality spinner blades, and many feature our tough-as-nails head finishes. Gamakatsu hooks grab the lightest biters, and extra strong wire design puts fish in the boat.


Verbinator Bass Fishing BaitsThe attention to every detail at Verbinator puts the finest quality, garlic-saturated, affordable bass fishing baits in the hands of weekend fisherman and tournament anglers alike.

Loaded with salt and made with a durable soft plastic that comes alive at the slightest twitch, Verbinator is your limit-getting, go-to ace. It’s simple…bass love Verbinator Baits.

  • Verbinator Baits Donkeys - Best Seller!


Verbinator Baits Puncher - Bass Fishing LuresPUNCHERS

Hand Made Bass Fishing Lures

Every once in a while, that perfect match comes along….a south breeze blowing across a timbered point….ideal water temps on a full moon Spring weekend…fish biting on lures you most like to throw.

That situation led to the teaming up of your bass fishing specialists, Ohio Pro Lure and Verbinator Baits. In our online shop, you can find every bass fishing lure you’ll need on the end of your line to consistently put quality fish in the boat.

Tournament quality performance. Hand made. Custom, proven colors. Insane attention to detail. Our Mad Scientist won’t have it any other way. Because like you, we enjoy the “catching” part of fishing.

Thanks for taking us on the water!