Bass Snax D-Shad 3.75

$ 4.49



Bass Snax D-Shad - Ohio Pro LureProven performers when the bite gets tough

The Ohio Pro Lure D-Shad is a subtle and deadly shad imitator that’s especially effective rigged on a drop-shot. Ideal for highly pressured bass in lakes, reservoirs & rivers, the D-Shad design causes the tail of the worm to wave enticingly with even the slightest movement of the bait.

Molded with a slender ribbed body and a thin pin tail, simply holding it on the bottom produces a quivering action that mimics movements of a live shad. Anglers have the option to fish it completely weedless, like a soft plastic jerkbait, or with a small jig or drop shot for open water situations. Extra soft and loaded with salt plus Verbinator’s garlic scent,

Bass Snax D-Shad - Prizm Shad

The Ohio Pro Lure D-Shad is a must-have soft bait for shad predominate waters. It offers an irresistible presentation that won’t overpower the conditions if the fish get finicky.

  • TEN (10) baits per pack
  • 3.75″ of finesse fishing magic
  • Ribbed belly & flat back for easy rigging
  • Verbinator salted garlic infused scent
  • Unique, custom colors
  • Soft, durable formulation

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