Bass Snax Goby 3.0

$ 4.49



Ideal for a variety of rigging techniques, the 3” long profile of the Bass Snax Goby puts it at the top of the menu for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. This versatile bait can be rigged on a variety of jigheads, drop shots, split-shot setups, Texas-rigs, even on Carolina Rigs.

On a small jighead, it’s ideal for vertical jigging or casting. Impregnated with Verbinator’s potent garlic scent and salt-infused to make it tasty.

A must-have for any angler who fishes lakes or reservoirs that have gobies and/or smallmouth bass (smallies love these!).

  • TEN (10) baits per pack
  • 3″ in length
  • Ribbed bottom great for dragging
  • Verbinator salt & garlic infused scent
  • Curly tail wags on a slow retrieve
  • Soft, durable formulation

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