El Speed Worm 5.7

$ 4.49



Catch Bass Power FishingVerbinator Baits specializes in drop-shot and finesse baits – because we’re near the shores of the GREAT Lake Erie.

This is what we call our finesse buzzer. It comes out when even our MAX Series buzzbait is a little too much. The El Speed Worm can be buzzed around pads and cover, but can also be waked just under the surface. It can be fished from shallow to medium depths to offshore ledges in 10-20 feet of water.

When you are rigging El Speed, rig it with the cut down. That way the tail will walk on the surface.

If you see a nice piece of cover, simply fish the bait like a Texas rig. Buzz it up to the cover, then kill it and let it fall while the tail does its dance. Watch your line on the fall – that’s when you’ll get bit.

  • Eight(8) baits per package
  • Verbinator garlic formula infused
  • Unique proven colors

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