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Football Free Swing Heads

$ 3.69


Ohio Pro Lure MAX Free Swing Football Heads

Free Swing Football Jig Heads - Ohio Pro LureOhio Pro Lure Football Free Swing Jig Heads are done in our tough-as-nails coating with flake clear coats. When bass are on the ledges and channels, football head jigs are the answer to an action-filled day..

We’ve been fishing since we were kids. These lures are on our fishing rods. We won’t bother to bring baits to you that fall short of our very strict quality and fishability standards.

Add the hook of your choice (Gamakatsu makes some great ones!) with a split ring, then team your jig with a BatWing or Lucky Craw for the perfect combination.


  • 3/8-oz.
  • 1/2-oz.
  • 2 per pack

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Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Football Head Sizes

3/8 oz., 1/2-oz.

Head Colors

Hammered Copper, Purple, RedBug, Watermelon Red, Black Head, Brown Head, Candy Blue, Green Pumpkin Head, Watermelon Head