Verbinator Lucky Craw

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Verbinator Baits 3.75″ Lucky Craw

Lucky Craw - Brown Violet Purple CopperWhen finesse conditions rule the day, it’s the Verbinator Lucky Craw to the rescue. A titch smaller and more streamlined than our husky original Bosky Flippin Craw, features the ridged claws for extra vibration and a little more wiggle. Rigged weightless, it’s a pretty darned convincing imitation of the real thing. Garlic infused.

* 10- or 30-baits per pack
* Thin, Ridged Claws for MAX vibration
* Garlic Fortified
* Light-reflecting Ridges
* Custom Colors Available!

If your specialty is flipping, or as your ace in the hole for finesse situations, this is a must have jig trailer or Texas rigged bait for your tackle box.

When you’re jig fishing (especially in flipping situations) this is a must have jig trailer and a perfect companion to our Ohio Pro Lure Rock Knocker jigs. Tie on a Verbinator Lucky Craw, pitch it to your target, and hang on!

Please take good care of your fish. The future of our sport depends on it.

Verbinator Lucky Craw Custom Colors

Sprayed Grass - Verbinator Baits Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin Sky - Verbinator Lucky CrawMean Money - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Blue Flake - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Neon - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Violet Grape - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlue Flash - Verbinator Lucky CrawBrown Pumpkin Orange - Verbinator Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Blue Copper - Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin Copper Purple - Lucky Craw

Lucky Craw Molten Craw - MAX Trippples

Screaming Pumpkin - Lucky Craw

O-B-Blue - Verbinator Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin - Verbinator Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Orange Flake - Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Purple - Verbinator Lucky CrawHalo - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawJunebug - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawMeat - Verbinator Lucky CrawSapphire - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawSharts - Verbinator Baits Lucky Craw

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Black Neon, Black Violet Grape Lam, Black with Blue Flake, Brown Pumpkin Orange+Black Flake, Brown Violet Purple Copper, Chautauqua Meat, Green Pumpkin – Black Flake, Green Pumpkin – Purple+Copper Flake, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Green Pumpkin Gold Halo, Green Pumpkin Orange Flake, Green Pumpkin Orange+Black Flake, Green Pumpkin Sky, Green Pumpkin with Black+Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin with Blue+Copper Flake, Jet Black, JuneBug Green Flake, Mean Money, Molten Craw T3, O-B-Blu, Screaming Pumpkin, Sharts, Sprayed Grass, Watermelon – Black + Red Flake


MAX*Pack (10 baits per pack), Pro MAX*Pack ~ (30-baits per pack)