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Verbinator Lucky Craw

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Verbinator Baits 3.75″ Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin Sky - Verbinator Lucky CrawWhen finesse conditions rule the day, it’s the Verbinator Lucky Craw to the rescue. A little smaller and more streamlined than our husky original Bosky Flippin Craw, but still features the ridged claws for extra enticement. Rigged weightless, it’s a pretty darned convincing imitation of the real thing. Garlic infused.

* 10- or 30-baits per pack
* Thin, Ridged Claws for MAX vibration
* Garlic Fortified
* Light-reflecting Ridges
* Custom Colors Available!

If your specialty is flipping, or as your ace in the hole for finesse situations, this is a must have jig trailer or Texas rigged bait for your tackle box.

When you’re jig fishing (especially in flipping situations) this is a must have jig trailer and a perfect companion to our Ohio Pro Lure Rock Knocker jigs. Tie on a Verbinator Lucky Craw, pitch it to your target, and hang on!

Please remember to C.P.R. (Catch >Photo >Release) and take care of your fish. The future of our sport depends on it.

Lucky Craw Colors 2018

Sprayed Grass - Verbinator Baits Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin Sky - Verbinator Lucky CrawMean Money - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Blue Flake - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Neon - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlack Violet Grape - Verbinator Lucky CrawBlue Flash - Verbinator Lucky CrawBrown Pumpkin Orange - Verbinator Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Blue Copper - Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin Copper Purple - Lucky Craw

Screaming Pumpkin - Lucky Craw

O-B-Blue - Verbinator Lucky Craw

Green Pumpkin - Verbinator Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Orange Flake - Lucky CrawGreen Pumpkin Purple - Verbinator Lucky CrawHalo - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawJunebug - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawMeat - Verbinator Lucky CrawSapphire - Verbinator Baits Lucky CrawSharts - Verbinator Baits Lucky Craw

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Weight 1 lbs

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MAX*Pack (10 baits per pack), Pro MAX*Pack ~ (30-baits per pack)