MAX Nedz Headz

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Ohio Pro Lure Nedz Headz
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MAX Series Nedz Headz – NEW!

Ohio Pro Lure - Nedz HeadzBorn in the Ozarks, the new face of finesse fishing is the “Ned Rig”. named after Ned Kehde, an In-Fisherman contributor from Lawrence, Kansas.

The “Midwest finesse”, or “Ned Rig” is taking over the bass world. For anglers all over the country, it’s becoming THE go-to presentation whenever they encounter adverse conditions.

Verbinator Nedz excel when it’s tough because they have a small profile, is loaded with garlic, feature a subtle action, and can mimic a number of preferred bass foods.

Rigging these baits could not be more simple. Team up the Nedz with an Ohio Pro Lure Nedz Head jig – simply thread the bait on with the hook exposed. That’s it!

  • THREE SIZES ~ 1/8-oz.   3/16-oz.   1/4-oz.


Once you’re on the water, fishing the bait is easy as can be. It will effectively fish in almost any hard cover situation…as long as you fish it on slack line.

Points. Bluff banks. Boat docks. Bridge rip rap. Anywhere bass hang out. And don’t pass up that “nothing looking” bank without throwing this bait.

Just cast your Nedz and let it sink on a slack line. Watch your line as the bait falls for a ‘tick’ that indicates a fish. Many times you won’t see indication of a bite, but when you reel up to the bait there will be a fish on.

NEDZ Headz – 2019 Colors

Nedz Headz - Black

Nedz Headz - BrownNedz Headz - Chartreuse RedNedz Headz - Golden ShinerNedz Headz - Green Pumpkin

Nedz Headz - Silver ShadNedz Headz - Watermelon RedNedz Headz - WatermelonNedz Headz - WhiteVerbinator Baits Nedz

Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Several of our products (jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits) contain lead. Handling them will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please wash your hands after handling.

MAX Nedz Headz

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