MAX Series Buzzbaits

$ 5.99



Ohio Pro Lure MAX Buzz & Pro Buzz Buzzbaits

MAX Pro Buzz – High Performance Tuned to Catch More Fish!

White Out MAX Pro BuzzA few twists and turns makes the NEW Ohio Pro Lure MAX Series buzzbait run true in quality, performance and value. Bubble holes leave a visible trail, an advantage in clear water situations. Drop shaft design keeps your hook and bait a little deeper in the water for increased hookups. Tournament quality custom skirts and a Gamakatsu hook turns biters into boaters.

Our IT Team is having a blast fishing the MAX Pro Buzzbaits. Tie one on!

NEW MAX Buzz – All Models with Bubble Holes ONLY


Almost any buzzbait will attract strikes under the right MAX Series Buzzbaits - Ohio Pro Lureconditions, but hooking them is a different story…unless you are using  MAX Series Ohio Pro Lure Buzzbaits which have an extra-long shank GAMAKATSU hook that BITES BACK. This buzzbait catches those short strikers without the use of a trailer hook.

*1/8-oz. with Solid Blade ONLY

*ALL MAX Pro Buzz models with Bubble Holes ONLY.

All colors of the 1/4-oz and 3/8-oz sizes are also available with the addition of a clacker blade for stained or dirty water conditions.

Anodized blades for MAXimum lasting performance.


  • 1/8-oz. (for finesse or high pressure conditions)
  • 1/4-oz. (std. available with or without clacker)
  • 3/8-oz. (std. available with or without clacker)
  • MAX Pro Buzz (NO clacker, bubble holes only)

Heads are done in our tough as nails coating with flake clear coats. Skirts are custom blended . MAX Series buzzbaits are hand made with premium jewelry-quality nickel or gold-plated blades. Custom painted blades are coated with long-lasting polyurethane to resist chipping.

Bleeding Shad Buzzbait

Black & Gold - Black Blade Buzzbait

Black & Silver - Black Blade Buzzbait

Golden Shiner Buzzbait

Perch with Gold Blade Buzzbait

Silver Shad Buzzbait

White & Chartreuse - Gold Blade

White Gold - Gold Blade Buzzbait

White-Chrome - Silver Blade Buzzbait

White Out Buzzbait

Bleeding Shad Buzzbait with Bubble Holes

Take good care of your fish and our waters. The future of this great sport depends on all of us.


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Additional information

Buzzbait Models

1/4-oz. MAX Buzz Bubble, 1/4-oz. MAX Buzz Solid, 1/4-oz. MAX Buzz Solid Clacker, 1/4-oz. MAX Pro Buzzbait, 1/8-oz. MAX Buzz Solid, 3/8-oz. MAX Buzz Bubble, 3/8-oz. MAX Buzz Solid, 3/8-oz. MAX Buzz Solid Clacker, 3/8-oz. MAX Pro Buzzbait

Buzzbait Colors

Baby Flash, Black Crappie, Black Ink, Black w/Red Head & Black Blade, Black with Chartreuse Tips, Black with Red Head & Gold Blade, Bleeding Shad, Purple Flash, Sexxy Me, Sunlight, Tilapia, White – Red Tips, White Out, White with Chartreuse Tips, Golden Shiner, Silver Shad, Black Head, Black & Gold Skirt – Black Blade, Black Head, Black & Silver Skirt – Black Blade, White Head, White & Gold Skirt – Gold Blade, White Head, White Chrome Skirt – Silver Blade, Perch with Gold Blade, White & Chartreuse with Gold Blade