MAX Series Swim Jigs

$ 4.99



Ohio Pro Lure Bass Swim JigsMAX Pro Series Gamakatsu Swim Jigs

Two years of RF&D (research, fishing & development) has resulted in the creation of the MAX Series Swim Jig. Detailed eyes and flat, keel-weighted belly of the head creates a subtle swimming action and also allows for easier skipping underneath docks or willows. The tapered points on the outside of the head deflect cover and help maintain and upright posture, with the ability to lie flat on the bottom (a perfect bed fishing jig).

  • UNIQUE MAX Series Colors
  • Soft-bristle Weedguard
  • 5/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Wire Hook
  • MAX Tough Head Finishes
  • One(1) jig per pack

The MAX Series Swim Jig design offers the flexibility to fish shallow or deep. Drag it. Swim it. Stroke it. Flip it. The MAX head design pulls through rock, trees, bushes, and grass with ease. Every one is custom painted and comes with a premium Gamakatsu 5/0 hook. Realistic eyes complete the perfect swim jig.

Couple these jigs with a Verbinator Lucky Craw, or for a more subtle action in clear water, thread on a Bat Wing 4.20.


MAX Bass Swim Jigs - Baby Bass

MAX Bass Swim Jigs - Baby FlashMAX Bass Swim Jigs - BarneyMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Black-Blue-Purple

MAX Bass Swim Jigs - Black CrappieMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Bleeding ShadMAX Bass Swim Jigs - BluegillMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Crappie

MAX Bass Swim Jigs - Golden ShinerMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Green PumpkinMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Green Pumpkin SkyMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Perch

MAX Bass Swim Jigs - Sexxy MeMAX Bass Swim Jigs - Silver ShadMAX Bass Swim Jigs - TilapiaMAX Bass Swim Jigs - White Silachrome

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Swim Jig Sizes

1/4-oz. ~ 5/0, 3/8-oz. ~ 5/0, 1/2-oz. ~ 5/0

Swim Jig Colors

Baby Bass, Baby Flash, Barney, Black Crappie, Black-Blue-Purple, Bleeding Shad, Blue Gill, Crappie, Golden Shiner, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Sky, Minnow, Pearl White Silachrome, Perch, Sexxy Me, Silver Shad, Tilapia