Ohio Pro Lure Bullet Jigs

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 Ohio Pro Lure Bullet Jigs

Ohio Pro Lure Bullet Jigs - #91 White LightningOhio Pro Lure Bullet Jigs will enable you to make the most efficient presentations time after time, whether you’re fishing the grass, the pads or the slop.

Streamlined nose wiggles through the toughest and tightest weeds, while the Gamakatsu EWG hook seals the deal. Designed with seasons of on-the-water experience, this is THE easiest retrieving jig in ANY vegetation.

A great swimming jig when paired with a Verbinator Baits Craw!

AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES:Ohio Pro Lure Bullet Jig - NO Rattle

  • 5/8-oz. has a 6/0 hook
  • 7/8-oz. has a 6/0 hook


  • Rattling Jigs have our own skirt collar with rattle ears and two black rattles (white-chrome and pumpkinseed use clear rattles).
  • Non-Rattling Jigs also feature our skirt collar with rattle ears, simply without rattles installed. You can add one or two rattles at any time to suit the conditions you’re fishing.

Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Bullet Jig Sizes

5/8 oz. ~ 6/0, 7/8 oz. ~ 6/0

Jig Colors

Black, Black-Black/Red Silachrome, Black-Blue-Purple, Black-Chartreuse, Brown, Brown-Copper Print, Brown-Red/Gold Flash, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin-Cucumber-Orange, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pumpkinseed, Watermelon, White & Chrome

Rattle Options

Non-Rattling, Rattling