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MAX Series Football Jigs

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Ohio Pro Lure MAX Series Football Jigs

When bass are on the ledges and channels, Ohio Pro Lure Football Jigs are the answer to an action-filled day. Featuring a GAMAKATSU round bend hook with snag-resistant flat eye. Jig heads are done in our tough-as-nails coating with flake clear coats. Skirts are our own custom blended Silachrome.

If you see it on this website – you’ll find it in our boat. We won’t bother to bring a bait to the table that doesn’t meet our (very strict) quality and fishability standards.

Team this football jig with a Verbinator BatWing or Lucky Craw for the perfect combination.

AVAILABLE IN THREE SIZES:Ohio Pro Lure Football Jigs

  • 3/8-oz. has a 4/0 hook
  • 1/2-oz. has a 5/0 hook
  • 3/4-oz. has a 5/0 hook


  • Rattling Jigs have our own skirt collar with rattle ears and two black rattles – White-Chrome and Pumpkinseed use clear rattles.
  • Non-Rattling Jigs also feature our skirt collar with rattle ears, simply without rattles installed. You can add one or two rattles at any time to suit the conditions you’re fishing.

Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Football Jig Sizes

3/8-oz. ~ 4/0, 1/2-oz. ~ 5/0, 3/4-oz. ~ 5/0

Jig Colors

Black, Black-Blue-Purple, Black-Chartreuse, Brown, Brown-Copper Print, Brown-Red/Gold Flash, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin-Cucumber-Orange, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pumpkinseed, Watermelon, White & Chrome

Rattle Options

Non-Rattling, Rattling