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MAX X-Eye Shakey Heads

$ 4.50


Ohio Pro Lure - Shakey Head JigMAX X-Eye Shakey Head

When bass are finicky – no matter if they’re in weeds and wood or the ledges and channels – the Ohio Pro Lure Shakey Head Jig is your solution to an action-filled day. On tough days your best bet is a MAX Series Shakey Head or wacky rigged Pro Stick. 

Stand up head design features a GAMAKATSU round bend hook with snag-resistant flat eye. Jig heads are done in our tough-as-nails coating with flake clear coats.

Lots of great colors to match up to any condition. Screw-style keeper holds baits tight.

Team this X-Eye Shakey Head jig with a Verbinator Pro Stick TT, Skinny Minny or Ding-a-ling for a deadly effective combination.


1/8-oz. 3/0 ~~~ 3/16-oz. 3/0 ~~~ 1/4-oz. 4/0


MAX X-Eye Shakey Jig - Ohio Pro Lure

Ohio Pro Lure - Shakey Head Jig

Ohio Pro Lure - Shakey Head Jig

A few suggestions to dress up the X-Eye Shaky Jig…

Verbinator Baits Ding-a-LingVerbinator Ding-a-Ling

Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Shakey Head Size

1/8 oz. ~ 3/0, 3/16 oz. ~ 3/0, 1/4 oz. ~ 4/0

Head Colors

Hammered Copper, Purple, RedBug, Watermelon Red, Black Head, Brown Head, Candy Blue, Green Pumpkin Head, Watermelon Head