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MAX Series Spinnerbaits

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Ohio Pro Lure MAX Pro Series Spinnerbaits

Ohio Pro Lure MAX Spinnerbaits - Bass Fishing LuresWhen you’re fishing wood, grass, pads or nasty looking places that are full of snags, tie on an Ohio Pro Lure spinnerbait. Our tournament proven Max Pro Series spinnerbait will enable you to make the most efficient presentations and come through clean – time after time after time.


  • 1/8-oz. has .032 stainless wire
  • 1/4-oz. has .035 stainless wire
  • 3/8-oz. has .040 stainless wire
  • 3/4-oz. has .040 stainless wire

Pro light wire series, 1/8 to 3/4 oz: An extra weedless, bullet shaped head with a high vibration stainless steel wire. Featuring a GAMAKATSU round bend hook. Heads are done in our tough as nails coating with flake clear coats. Skirts are our custom blended Silachrome.

MAX Pro Series spinnerbaits are equipped with premium jewelry-quality smooth nickel or gold-plated blades. Custom painted blades are polyurethane coated to resist chipping longer. Built using the finest Sampo swivels and include our Quick-Change blade system.

MAX Series Quick-Change Blades:

  1. Simply turn the bait upside down in your hand.
  2. Slide collar toward r-bend, then slide blade/swivel assembly off.
  3. Install new blade/swivel assembly.
  4. Squeeze wire tang down with thumbnail and slide collar back over wire until it seats against the loop-eye.
  5. In seconds, MAX’s Quick-Change system allows you to adjust to changing conditions to catch more fish.

Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Spinnerbait Sizes

1/8 oz. | #2 Indiana + #3.5 Willow, 1/4 oz. | #2 Colorado + #4 Willow, 1/4 oz. | #3.5 + #4 Willow Blades, 3/8 oz. | #3 Colorado + #4.5 Willow, 3/8-oz. | #3.5 + #4.5 Willow Blades, 3/8 oz. | 2X #4 Willow Blades, 3/4 oz. | #4 + #4.5 Willow Blades

Spinnerbait Colors

Black & Gold – Gold Blades, Black & Silver – Nickel Blades, Gold Shiner – Gold Blades, Pearl White & Gold – Gold Blades, Pearl White & Silver – Nickel Blades, Perch – Gold Blades, Silver Shad – Nickel Blades, White & Chartreuse – Gold & Nickel Blades, Perch – Chartreuse Blades, Pearl White & Silver – White Blades, White & Chartreuse – White & Chartreuse Blades