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Verbinator Pro Stick TT

$ 4.35

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Verbinator Pro Stick TT - Bass Fishing StickbaitFor that little extra action for your drop shot, tie on a Verbinator Pro Stick TT.

This new Pro Stick TT has been designed with a thicker head to help it stay on the hook when used with a swim jig or Shaky-Head jigs. It tapers to a thin tail while still possessing all of the original Pro Stick’s incredible fish-catching wiggle. The Pro Stick TT also casts like a bullet due to its unique design and it sinks into the strike zone quickly.

Available in a wide variety of colors, hand made in the USA, featuring the trademark salt & garlic soft plastic used in ALL Verbinator baits that gives them such great actions.

The original concept behind the Pro Stick TT was to create that stick bait attraction in a bait that rigs easily on an X-Eye Shakey Head or ball head jig. The tail is much thinner than our Pro Stick V5.2, and really creates a great action under the water. Many anglers are also finding that the Pro Stick TT makes a great drop-shot worm.

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Black Neon, Black Violet Grape Lam, Black with Blue Flake, Black with Silver Flake, Blue Shad, Bubble Gum with Silver Flake, Chautauqua Meat, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Green Pumpkin Gold Halo, Green Pumpkin Orange Flake, Green Pumpkin Sky, Green Pumpkin with Black Flake, Green Pumpkin with Black+Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin with Blue+Copper Flake, Green Pumpkin with Purple+Copper Flake, Jet Black, Mean Money, Purple, Screaming Pumpkin, Shamu, Smoke Black Flake, Smoke Blue & Gold Flake, Smoke Purple Flake, Smoke with Silver Flake, Sprayed Grass, Watermelon with Black Flake, Watermelon with Gold Flake, Watermelon with Red Flake