Skinny Minny V4.0

$ 4.00



The Verbinator Skinny Mini V4.0 (13-per pack)

Verbinator Baits Skinny Mini Finesse WormFor our die-hard drop-shot fans, your resounding demands and bribery with chocolate cake has revived the Verbinator Skinny Minny. Fortified with garlic and features a shimmering straight profile that reacts to every bottom contour or rod movement.

The Skinny Minny was born for drop-shots, and we’ve also discovered that it is exceptionally effective when rigged as a shaky head.

* (13) Baits per Pack
* 4″ Length
* Lifelike Appearance & Action
* Garlic Infused

The subtle action of the Verbinator Hot Drops Skinny Minny is something to behold. When its time for finesse…your ace in the hole is as easy as tying on a Skinny Minny.

Please take good care of your fish. The future of our sport depends on it.

Verbinator Baits Skinny Mini Finesse Worm – Colors

Verbinator Skinny Mini - BlackVerbinator Skinny Mini - Black BlueVerbinator Skinny Mini - Black Neon RedVerbinator Skinny Mini - Blue FlashVerbinator Skinny Mini - Blue ShadVerbinator Skinny Mini - BoogiesVerbinator Skinny Mini - Brown Pumpkin OrangeVerbinator Skinny Mini - Bubblegum SilverVerbinator Skinny Mini - Gold HaloVerbinator Skinny Mini - Green PumpkinVerbinator Skinny Mini - Green Pumpkin Blue CopperVerbinator Skinny Mini - Green Pumpkin SkyVerbinator Skinny Mini - Green Pumpkin Orange

Skinny Mini - Green Pumpkin Purple CopperSkinny Mini - Green Pumpkin PurpleVerbinator Skinny Mini - Junebug GreenVerbinator Skinny Mini - Mean Money

Verbinator Skinny Mini - Chautauqua MeatVerbinator Skinny Mini - Melon CandyVerbinator Skinny Mini - Plum CrazyVerbinator Skinny Mini - Pumpkinseed GreenVerbinator Skinny Mini - PurpleVerbinator Skinny Mini - SapphireVerbinator Skinny Mini - Screaming PumpkinVerbinator Skinny Mini - ShartsVerbinator Skinny Mini - Smoke Black

Verbinator Skinny Mini - Smoke Blue GoldVerbinator Skinny Mini - Smoke PurpleVerbinator Skinny Mini - Smoke SilverVerbinator Skinny Mini - Sprayed GrassVerbinator Skinny Mini - Stinky PinkyVerbinator Skinny Mini - WatermelonVerbinator Skinny Mini - Watermelon GoldVerbinator Skinny Mini - Watermelon Red

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Weight 1 lbs

Black Neon, Black with Blue Flake, Blue Shad, Boogies, Brown Pumpkin Orange+Black Flake, Bubble Gum with Silver Flake, Chautauqua Meat, Electric Blue, Green Pumpkin – Black Flake, Green Pumpkin – Purple+Copper Flake, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Green Pumpkin Gold Halo, Green Pumpkin Orange Flake, Green Pumpkin Sky, Green Pumpkin with Black+Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin with Blue+Copper Flake, Jet Black, June Bug, JuneBug Green Flake, Mean Money, Plum Crazy, Pumpkinseed Green, Purple, Sapphire, Screaming Pumpkin, Sharts, Smoke Black Flake, Smoke Blue & Gold Flake, Smoke Purple Flake, Smoke with Silver Flake, Sprayed Grass, Stinky Pinky Black, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon with Black Flake, Watermelon with Gold Flake, Watermelon with Red Flake