Sure-Grip EWG Hooks

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MAX Series Sure-Grip Superline EWG Hooks

Gamakatsu Super Line Hooks - Sure Grip

The MAX Series Sure-Grip Superline EWG hooks have a keeper clip that holds soft plastics in place for a better hookset. Ohio Pro Lure uses only the extra strong, heavy duty Gamakatsu hooks for solid hookups. The Extra Wide Gap is great for use with tubes, swimbaits and creatures. Choose from a 5-pack or a Pro Pack of 25!

AVAILABLE IN FOUR SIZES: 3/0 hook ~ 4/0 ~ 5/0 ~ 7/0 G-Mag hook

Gamakatsu Super Line Hooks - Sure GripWHAT MAKES OUR HOOKS BETTER THAN THE REST?

1) THE  CLIP: Our sharply bent clip is inserted into the plastic to the bend giving it a SURE-GRIP solid hold that won’t let go when fish bite.
2) THE  HOOK: The Gamakatsu shiner, worm, and EWG are the finest quality hooks of their type made. The extra heavy hook guarantees stronger hooksets and more fish in the boat!

Verbinator Baits for your Gamakatsu EWG Hooks

Verbinator Baits - Donkey

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Hook Size

3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 7/0 G-Mag

Hook Quantity

Single Pack (5-pack), Pro Pack ~ (25-pack)