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MAX Swimbait Heads

$ 4.99$ 19.99


Gamakatsu Swimbait Hooks - Ohio Pro LureSwimbait Heads from Ohio Pro Lure

The versatile MAX Series Swimbait Heads are classic fish catching lures. you can choose virtually any style trailer (or live bait) and catch the big ones with these fishing machines. Simple, but deadly. The swimbait is a dead ringer for natural forage, and can be rigged in any number of ways.

Our Ohio Pro Lure swim bait heads use the Gamakatsu 604 series hook – this is the EXTRA STRONG hook (NOT a light wire hook) and a great size for those 4″ and 5″ swimbaits.

So set the hook on your swimbaits with authority and no worries. This hook will bring the fish in the boat.

Choose from a 5-pack or 25-pack.

Options Available & Shipping Weight

Weight 1 lbs
Jig Weights

1/8-oz., 1/4-oz.

Jig Quantity

Single Pack ~ (5-pack), Pro Pack ~ (25-pack)

Hook Size

3/0, 4/0, 5/0