Verbinator Craw Chunks

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The Verbinator Chunk2.25″ Baby | 3″ Flippin’ Chunk

Whether it’s early morning, mid-day, or late in the evening & throughout the night – Verbinator Craw Chunks produce fish. Rig it as a jig trailer on your favorite finesse jig setup. Or weedless with a bullet weight. Or on an open hook jig. Even as a small spinnerbait trailer!

Verbinator Chunk - 2-inch

* TWO Sizes Available
2.25″ Baby @ 6 baits per pack
3″ Craw Chunk @ 6 baits per pack

* Ridged Claws for Extra Vibration
* Perfect for Flipping
* Ribbed Body for Subtle Vibration
* Garlic Flavored

The Verbinator Craw Chunk excels in all of those situations, and virtually anything else. Ridged outer edges on the claws provide more vibration and move more water, and the garlic flavor and realistic feel screams BITE ME!

Please remember to C.P.R. (Catch >Photo >Release) and take care of your fish.
The future of your sport depends on it.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs



Black with Blue Flake, Green Pumpkin with Black Flake

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