Verbinator Donkey

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Verbinator Donkey – Our BEST SELLER

Vebinator Baits DonkeysFor very good reason. Ask our customers. Verbinator Donkey are a 5″ fish-catching machine. Produces not only numbers of fish, but heavy kicker bass find the Donkey just as tasty.

Thick body for maximum underwater signature, wide rings move more water and give the fish a target to home in on.

These look incredibly ALIVE in the water on a weightless hook. LOTS of uses for the Verbinator Donkey!

* EIGHT (8) baits per Pack
* 5.5″ length
* Incredibly Alive Action
* Deep Vibration Ribs

Easy to flip, as the Donkey gains a little weight after it hits the water and feels very similar to pitching and flipping a 1/2-oz. bait.

You will discover your own unique way of fishing the Donkey, but no matter how you rig them, hang on. Verbinator Donkeys catch fish!

Tournament Anglers
Please take care of your fish.
The future of fishing depends on it.

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Weight 1 lbs

Black with Silver Flake, Blue Shad, Bubble Gum with Silver Flake, Green Pumpkin – Black + Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin Sky, Green Pumpkin with Black Flake, MEAT, Screaming Pumpkin, Shamu, Smoke Blue & Gold Flake, Smoke with Silver Flake, Watermelon + Red Flake