Verbinator Donkey

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Verbinator Donkey - Bass Fishing Baits
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Verbinator Donkey 5.5″ ~ Catches More Fish!

Buy FOUR PACKS or Donkeys for $20. Want MULTIPLE COLORS of Our Best Seller? Click HERE.

Verbinator Baits - Donkey Bass LuresOur Best Seller for a very good reason. Ask our customers. Verbinator Donkey are a 5.5″ fish-catching machine. Produces not only numbers of fish, but heavy kicker bass find the Donkey just as tasty.

Fishing clear water? If you aren’t throwing a Donkey in pristine water conditions you’re missing fish. Thick body for maximum underwater signature, wide rings move more water and give the fish a BIG target.

These look incredibly ALIVE in the water on a weightless EWG hook. LOTS of uses for the Verbinator Donkey!

* EIGHT (8) baits per Pack
* 5.5″ length
* Brewed in Garlic Flavor

* Undulating, Alive Action
* Deep Vibration Ribs

Easy to flip, as the Donkey gains a little weight after it hits the water and feels very similar to pitching and flipping a 1/2-oz. bait. Easy to skip with both spinning and casting gear.

Stay tuned, we’ll have a video on how easy it is to skip Donkeys on boat docks.

You will discover your own unique way of fishing the Donkey, but no matter how you rig them, hang on. Verbinator Donkeys catch fish!

Please take care of your fish.
The future of fishing depends on it.

Verbinator Baits – 2019 Donkey Colors

Black Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsBlack Neon Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsBlack Violet Grape Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsBlue Shad Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsBubblegum Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsChautauqua Meat Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsGreen Pumpkin Sky Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsGreen Pumpkin Blue Copper Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsGreen Pumpkin Blue Flash Donkey - Verbinator Bass Baits

Green Pumpkin Donkey - Verbinator Bass Baits

Green Pumpkin Gold Halo Donkey - Verbinator Bass BaitsGreen Pumpkin Orange Donkey - Verbinator BaitsGreen Pumpkin Purple Donkey - Verbinator Baits

Gurple Donkey - Verbinator BaitsScreaming Pumpkin Donkey - Verbinator BaitsShamu Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSharts Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSmoke Black Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSmoke Blue Gold Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSmoke Purple Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSmoke Silver Donkey - Verbinator BaitsSprayed Grass Donkey - Verbinator BaitsStinky Pinky Donkey - Verbinator BaitsWatermelon Donkey - Verbinator Baits

Watermelon Gold Donkey - Verbinator Baits

Watermelon Red Donkey - Verbinator Baits

Donkey Accessories from Ohio Pro Lure…

Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Several of our products (jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits) contain lead. Handling them will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please wash your hands after handling.

Verbinator Donkey

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