Little Donkeys ~ 3.5"

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Verbinator Baits Little Donkeys
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Verbinator 3.5″ Little Donkey, aka Lil` D

Affectionately known as “Lil`D”, the Verbinator Baits Little Donkeys are the solution to sticking a limit when fishing is tough and finesse is the pattern of the day. One of the first Verbinator baits out of the laboratory, this little brother to our burly Donkey D also gains a little weight when it hits the water, making it easy to throw on either spinning or baitcasting tackle.Verbinator Baits Little Donkey 3.5

An excellent choice for finesse fishing and also drop-shots, this Verbinator has more action that a typical fluke or stickbait. Rings move more water and gives the fish a target to home in on. Custom colors match local forage.

* 3.5″ Length
* Custom Colors

* Incredible Action
* Garlic Infused
* Perfect for Drop Shots
(15) Baits per Pack
* (30) Baits per MAX*Pack

You will not believe the action of the Verbinator Little Donkey in the water – and neither will the bass until it’s too late…our tasty garlic infusion seals the deal.

Take good care of your fish. The future of our sport depends on it.

Little Donkey 2019 Colors

NEW for 2019

Brown Violet Purple Copper >>>

Little Donkey - Brown Violet Purple Copper

Little Donkey 3.5 - BlackLittle Donkey 3.5 - Black BlueLittle Donkey 3.5 - Black Neon RedLittle Donkey 3.5 - Black SilverLittle Donkey 3.5 - Blue FlashLittle Donkey 3.5 - Blue ShadLittle Donkey 3.5 - Boogies Chartreuse PepperLittle Donkey 3.5 - Bubblegum SilverLittle Donkey 3.5 - Chautauqua MeatLittle Donkey 3.5 - Gold HaloLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green PumpkinLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green Pumpkin Blue CopperLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green Pumpkin OrangeLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green Pumpkin SkyLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green Pumpkin PurpleLittle Donkey 3.5 - Green Pumpkin Purple Copper

Little Donkey 3.5 - Mean MoneyLittle Donkey 3.5 - Melon CandyLittle Donkey 3.5 - Plum CrazyLittle Donkey 3.5 - PurpleLittle Donkey 3.5 - Screaming PumpkinLittle Donkey 3.5 - ShamuLittle Donkey 3.5 - ShartsLittle Donkey 3.5 - Smoke BlackLittle Donkey 3.5 - Smoke Blue GoldLittle Donkey 3.5 - Smoke PurpleLittle Donkey 3.5 - Smoke SilverLittle Donkey 3.5 - Sprayed GrassLittle Donkey 3.5 - Stinky PinkyLittle Donkey 3.5 - WatermelonLittle Donkey 3.5 - Watermelon GoldLittle Donkey 3.5 - Watermelon Red

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Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Several of our products (jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits) contain lead. Handling them will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please wash your hands after handling.

Little Donkeys ~ 3.5"

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