Verbinator Bat Wing 4.20

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Verbinator Baits Bat Wing 4.20
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The Verbinator Bat Wing 4.20

Verbinator Baits Bat Wing 4.20We call this one the Verbinator Bat Wing 4.20 – because it plain drives fish batty! Ridged claws that flap & wiggle, tails that flutter and swim with the slightest movement.

Natural, lifelike action with its slender, solid body. The advantage? A little more heft for flipping, plus you can rig it many different ways. A whole lotta flappin’ going on at the tail, too. Bat Wings will make a bass’ blood boil.

It’s just unfair…but of course, that depends which end of the fishing rod you’re on!

* Length: 4.20″
* Garlic Fortified
* Thin flappers for maximum action
* Modify for your specific situation!
* Available in 10- and 30-packs.

This is one of Ohio Pro Lure’s top selling flipping baits year in and year out. It works!

Please take good care of your fish.  The future of fishing depends on it.

Bat Wing 4.20 Colors

Bat Wing 4.20 - Black BlueBat Wing 4.20 - BlackBat Wing 4.20 - Black NeonBat Wing 4.20 - Brown Pumpkin OrangeBat Wing 4.20 - Chautauqua MeatBat Wing 4.20 - Gold Halo

Bat Wing 4.20 - Green Pumpkin Purple Copper

Bat Wing 4.2 - Green Pumpkin PurpleBat Wing 4.20 - Green Pumpkin

Bat Wing 4.20 - Green Pumpkin FlashBat Wing 4.20 - Green Pumpkin OrangeBat Wing 4.20 - Junebug Green

Bat Wing 4.20 - SapphireBat Wing 4.20 - ShartsBat Wing 4.20 - Sprayed GrassBat Wing 4.20 - Watermelon RedBat Wing 4.20 - WatermelonBat Wing 4.20 - Watermelon Gold


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Verbinator Bat Wing 4.20

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