Big Booty Judy

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Verbinator Baits - Big Booty Judy
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Big Booty Judy - Verbinator BaitsThe BIG BOOTY JUDY

THIS IS A BIG FISH BAIT. We’re not responsible for broken hearts.

Like the song from Sir Bass-a-Lot, it’s all about the caboose. The Big Booty Judy from Verbinator Baits calls those big, bad bass and makes them BITE. Loaded with garlic flavor and ready to slip into the heaviest cover.

Two side arms ensure the Big Booty Judy never falls the same way twice, and the wide paddle tail makes the full meal deal and provides a 3X thump to get their attention.

* Perfect for Flipping
* Ribbed for Subtle Vibration
* Wide Flapping Tail
* Side Planer Fins
* Garlic Flavored
* Available in 10-packs
* Available in MAX 30-Packs

When you’re in shallow water, and especially if you like to have a flippin’ stick in your hands, this time it’s your turn to WIN the hand-to-fin battle…put that kicker fish in a boat with a Big Booty Judy!

Fits together perfectly with our Flipping Jigs, or to get even more Bootylicious match it up with our Rock Knocker Jigs.

Please take good care of your fish. The future of our great sport depends on it.

2019 Big Booty Judy Colors


Custom tri-color blends featured in our latest products!

Big Booty Judy Trippples - Molten Craw

Black - Big Booty JudyBlack Blue - Big Booty JudyBlack Neon - Big Booty JudyBlack Violet Grape - Big Booty JudyBlue Flash - Big Booty JudyBoogies - Big Booty JudyBrown Pumpkin Orange - Big Booty JudyChautauqua Meat - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin Blue Copper - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin Gold Halo - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin Orange - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin Purple - Big Booty Judy

Green Pumpkin Purple Copper - Big Booty JudyGreen Pumpkin Sky - Big Booty JudyJunebug Green Flake - Big Booty JudyMean Money - Big Booty JudyO-B-Blue - Big Booty JudyPurple - Big Booty JudySapphire - Big Booty JudyScreaming Pumpkin - Big Booty JudySharts - Big Booty JudySprayed Grass - Big Booty JudyWatermelon - Big Booty Judy

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Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Several of our products (jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits) contain lead. Handling them will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please wash your hands after handling.

Big Booty Judy