Verbinator Otto ~ 4″

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The Verbinator OTTO – Your Great Lakes Specialist!

When you want to show the fish something a little different, or when you need a kicker fish, rig up a Verbinator Otto. Ribbed on the sides, it moves water differently than most baits, and is a perfect lure to fish through lily pads – not just on top but strumming it through the stalks and letting it sing. 

Verbinator Baits Otto - Bass Fishing LuresFortified with garlic and available in awesome custom colors, the Otto’s flat segmented tail glides through the water with a subtle, lifelike motion.

* Ten(10) Baits Per Pack
* 4″ Length
* Vibra-ribbed Sides
* Hook Recess for Weedless Rigging

* Subtle, Finesse Flat Paddle Tail
* Garlic infused

Wide body design allows the bait to glide to the sides on a pausing retrieve, and the paddle tail kicks rhythmically on steady retrieves. Sexy curve on the bottom with a recessed back for easy, high-percentage weedless rigging. Great for flipping, on a Free Swing Jig, or whatever you wish! Bass just have to bite it to see what it is, so any way you rig it, it’s a winner.

For the Great Lakes bass angler, hook up with a Verbinator 4″ Otto. You will not believe the realism of the Verbinator Otto in the water on a drop-shot rig – and neither will the bass until it’s too late (garlic flavor seals the deal). The Verbinator Otto is your ticket for smallmouth and/or when finesse techniques rule the day.

Try the Verbinator Otto for yourself…this bait flat out catches `em!

Get BIT with Verbinator!

Please remember to C.P.R. (Catch >Photo >Release) and take care of your fish.
The future of your sport depends on it.

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