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Verbinator Stingers

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Verbinator Baits STINGER 4.2 ~ NEW FireTips

Verbinator Stingers - Bass Fishing LuresVersatility. The Verbinator Stingers are made to get bites no matter what the conditions are. NEW FireTips are fantastic for off-colored water or even just to show the fish that delectable morsel in a way that they’ve never seen before…

Fish it on our Flipping Jig. Or weightless on a Sure-Grip Hook. Split the tail and swim it on a Bullet Head Jig. Rig it flat and it makes a fantastic Ohio Pro Lure MAX Spinnerbait trailer that wiggles through vegetation easier and allows for a slower retrieve. Match up with our Rock Knocker Jigs for a deadly river presentation.

Split the tail. Remove two of the legs (or more). Or just free up the ‘antenna’. Or leave it one piece. This will become a go-to jig trailer simply due to the easy versatility of this garlic-loaded bait.

* Perfect for Flipping
* Ribbed for Subtle Vibration
* Versatile Flapping Tails(s)
* Six bell bottom legs
* Garlic Infused
* 10-baits per package
* 30-bait MAX Pack
(Special Order Only)

Whether you’re flipping for the win or for fun, show that kicker fish a Verbinator Stinger!

Remember to take good care of your fish. The future of our sport depends on it.

* NEW for 2018! STINGER 4.2 FIRETIPS

(FireTips available with BLACK or GREEN PUMPKIN base/body color ONLY.  Additional charge.)

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