Verbinator Stingers

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The Verbinator Baits STINGER

Verbinator Stingers - NEW for 2016!Versatility. The Verbinator Stingers are made to get bites no matter what the conditions are.

Fish it on our Flipping Jig. Or weightless on a Sure-Grip Hook. Split the tail and swim it on a Bullet Head Jig. Rig it flat and it makes a fantastic spinnerbait trailer that wiggles through vegetation easier and allows for a slower retrieve.

* Perfect for Flipping
* Ribbed for Subtle Vibration
* Versatile Flapping Tails(s)
* Six bell bottom legs
* Garlic Infused
* 10-baits per package

Whether you’re flipping for the win or for fun, show that kicker fish a Verbinator Stinger!

ATTN: Tournament Anglers – If you love to flip, save a few bucks and invest in a Verbinator MAX*Pack.

Remember to C.P.R. (Catch >Photo >Release) & take good care of your bass. The future of your sport depends on it.

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Weight 1 lbs

Black with Blue Flake, Brown Pumpkin – Orange + Black Flake, Green Pumpkin – Blue + Copper Flake, Green Pumpkin – Purple + Black Flake, Green Pumpkin – Purple + Copper Flake, Green Pumpkin with Black Flake, JuneBug Green Flake, MEAT, O-BE-Blue Pumpkin, Watermelon with Red Flake