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Verbinator Signature Colors – V.2018


Verbinator Lucky Craw - Mean Money

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Black Violet Grape

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Green Pumpkin Sky

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Sprayed Grass

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Screaming Pumpkin

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Junebug

Verbinator Big Booty Judy - O-B-Blue Pumpkin

Verbinator Lucky Craw - Green Pumpkin Orange

Black with Blue Flake - VerbinatorBlack with Red Flake - VerbinatorBlack with Silver Flake - VerbinatorBlack - Verbinator Baits

Blue Flash - Verbinator BaitsBlue Shad - Verbinator BaitsBoogies - Verbinator BaitsBrown Pumpkin with Orange FlakeBubble Gum with Silver Flake - VerbinatorBubble Gum - Verbinator Baits

Green Pumpkin with Blue + Copper FlakeGreen Pumpkin with Purple + Copper FlakeGreen Pumpkin with Purple FlakeGreen Pumpkin - Verbinator BaitsHalo - Verbinator BaitsWatermelon Candy - Verbinator BaitsPlum Crazy - Verbinator BaitsPumpkin Seed with Green FlakePurple - Verbinator BaitsSapphire - Verbinator Baits

Shamu - Verbinator BaitsSharts - Verbinator BaitsSmoke with Black FlakeSmoke with Blue + Gold FlakeSmoke with Purple Flake - VerbinatorSmoke with Silver + Black FlakeWatermelon with Gold FlakeWatermelon with Red FlakeWatermelon - Verbinator BaitsVerbinator Baits Goby is BACK!